Hamax Plus Bicycle Child /Baby Seat with Suspension

Hamax Plus Bicycle Child /Baby Seat with Suspension

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Hamax Plus Bicycle Child /Baby Seat with Suspension

  • The Hamax Plus Child Seat is similar to the very popular Hamax Siesta - so named because it can be reclined 20 degrees to make it more comfortable for your child to have a snoooze.
  • The Hamax Plus Child Seat's safety harness system has a child-proof buckle.
  • However, an adult can easily fasten or undo the child-proof buckle with one hand, while supporting the bike with the other.
  • To fit the Hamax Plus Child Seat to the Hamax Plus Carrier (it won't fit any other) simply slide it along the carrier's rails till it clicks. Then you turn the orange/red knob on the front of the seat to secure it further.
  • As an additional safety feature, if you still manage to mount the seat incorrectly, red indicators will illuminate.
  • If you need to carry more than your child the Hamax Plus Carrier will take child seat and panniers simultaneously.

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