About Us

Samson Cycles is a growing business with new ideas that will hopefully make consumers more comfortable with instore shopping and restore the relationship between customer and retailer by offering what  we feel is the best service possible.

Over the last 15 years we have collectively worked in many of Melbourne's well known bike shops and with this experience we feel that we are able to offer customers a service that is unique and very transparent.

We understand that because of the internet many consumers have opted to make purchases online and although many retailers feel that this trend is a problem we think that the internet is a great place to buy products at low prices and know that people will often choose to buy most products from the cheapest place if it is available to them.

After much thought and a lot of calculations we have decided to offer customers a price promise that I hope will give people more options when looking for products at the lowest price.

The workshop is an important part of any bicycle store and we understand that offering a professional level of mechanical service is paramount. We have many years of solid workshop experience and take an enormous amount of pride in the work that we do. We have a technical background mechanically and can easily fix problems quickly and at a reasonable price without the need to replace parts so often. All work done in the workshop is guaranteed to be done in the most cost effective and practical way to ensure a sustainable relationship with customers.

Samson Cycles has the longest trading hours of any bike shop in Australia and we feel that this alone is our guarantee to ensure customers get the best service possible. The shop is open everyday of the year from 8am until 8pm with an after hours service also available for people who cannot make it into the shop during our normal trading hours. 

Please feel free to drop into the shop and have a chat next time you are in the Brunswick area.